She Was An Icon [EP]

by Vails Gate

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released July 1, 2009




Vails Gate Bangor, Maine

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Track Name: You're Never The Same After Zeitgeist
My golden days
Are always a day away
And as long
As my wage is paid
It will always stay that way

Living today
For your pay day
Living today
For your wage

We are all slaves
Captive by our wage
Bound by monetary chains
It's the curse of our age

Profits labor profits labor
Suffer profits suffer labor
We are all slaves

There's no way
To break free from money
There's no way
To break free
Track Name: A Premature Passing
I thank you
For the love you gave
While you were
On this earth

If I had one wish
I would bring you back
For one more night
One more night

I have so many
Unanswered questions
That you'll never
Get to answer

I will live
In this darkness forever
No one else can make it right
This is my blight
Devoid of light
This will never feel right
Fear takes my sight
I just want solace tonight

There is no use
In searching for answers
Sealed away in the soil
So I'll keep moving towards my end
While quietly mourning yours
I mourn
Track Name: Being A Bitch Is A Part Time Job
You'll never learn whore
One more habit for you to start
One more rumor for you to start
You can't be pleased
So you spread misery

Another spoiled only-child
Has become a raging bitch
Knock her off her high horse
Self pity is your niche

I would sleep better if you were dead
And I would dream more if you were dead

Spreading lies
Spreading thighs
What's wrong?
Spreading legs
Spreading thighs
What's wrong?
Is this what you wanted all along?

And she said
I won't make it out alive
And I said she won't make it out alive
She won't make it out alive
Track Name: Carcinogen Love Song
I have chosen to partake in self satisfaction
I have chosen to partake in self destruction

I have no regards
Or concerns
For my physical shell

Breathe it in
Feel the sting
Love affair

I'm falling back on every promise
And I'll lose faith in this world again
I'll walk these empty streets
With my head towards the pavement
I'll walk these empty streets alone

My vices are all I have

Fall apart with me
De-evolve with me
Track Name: She Was An Icon
I will rest in peace
Knowing that you were
There by my side
Through all the
Trials in my life

You were Bonnie
I was Clyde
You were life support
I was least alive

Now we walk into the sunset
With our hearts finally at rest
Finally at rest

We have caused the tyrants to fall
We have outlasted them all

There's no one else I'd rather be with
At the dusk of my life

I have been searching my whole life
For a home
I've been searching my whole life
For my own
I have finally found my home